Residential Carpet Warranties

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I met a gentleman a week or two ago who had a 94% olefin and 6% nylon face fiber berber style carpet. The traffic lanes were turning brown. The carpet had been laid down in Jan 2007. The carpet was ready to be cleaned within a year but the lady of the house decided to wait till spring.  A very short time after saying this the woman in question became sick. She died a year later.

So its two years after the carpet has been installed, the man of the house has the carpet cleaned in the living/dining area but omits the attached bedroom from the work order. The carpet gets cleaned again in early 2010. The traffic lanes are not coming clean.

The problem — because the customer waited for two years to get the carpet cleaned they voided their warranty.

Now do I feel its fair? No. However the carpet mill in question was firm and denied the claim.

Its very important for people to read the care recommendations of their carpet. There is usually a timetable for cleaning included in their recommendations.

Also take note–if your carpet is visbly soiled then its time to clean it. A carpet should never be allowed to accummulate soil to the point that it looks visibly soied.