About Us


We are independent professionals who are trained to inspect carpet problems using a series of standardized tests and procedures. The inspector remains unbiased as he finds, presents, and reports on facts. A series of tests is conducted in order to complete an analysis of various performance characteristics and the installation of the carpet. Once these tests have been performed the inspector prepares an unbiased report outlining his findings, including specification of any problems with the carpeting and an objective opinion on the cause of these problems, which is supported by facts uncovered during the inspection. The inspector must judge all situations using established and accepted industry standards. In unique circumstances where no standards exist, the inspector must be able to use their knowledge and expertise as a guide in reaching a fair, honest, reasonable, and objective conclusion.

There are five parties that may be deemed responsible by the inspector:

    The manufacturer is responsible for defects in the carpeting itself. These may be either visible or latent.

    The installer is responsible for any installation that is not to industry standards or manufacturer specifications.

    The consumer is responsible for any problems that relate to poor maintenance or damage occurring after installation, within carpeting that was previously structurally sound.

    The specifier (or dealer) is responsible for any product which is installed or placed for use in a context for which it is not designed.

    Acts of God are defined as situations and/or conditions beyond the control of man.