Our Clients

The primary users of carpet inspectors are manufacturers, retailers, and consumers. There are also several others who may need the services of a carpet inspector.

Manufacturers commission inspectors to define the problem and place the responsibility. An objective inspection will inform the manufacturer of problems with the carpeting. If the manufacturer is at fault, the inspector will signal the cause of the problem within processing so it may be corrected by the manufacturer. Independent inspectors are also frequently used by manufacturers relating to warranty claims against their product.

Retailers get carpet inspections to define the problem and place responsibility.

Consumers who have been unable to resolve their claim on their own or through the retailer will use a carpet inspector to get an unbiased opinion from a qualified professional. This will usually help the claim get resolved more quickly and with more certainty, as the party responsible for the damage will have been objectively identified.

Insurance companies engage the services of floor covering experts to analyse when and how damage occurred, and establish the productís present or replacement value.

Attorneys hire the inspector to serve as a consultant and/or expert witness for the claimant or defendant

Building contractors and architects who have ended up in the middle of a problem and want to know who is responsible. Some inspectors are commissioned to help with specifying products. Many work with architects and contractors in seeing that an installation is performed to industry standards.

Installers and cleaners who are being blamed for a problem that they do not believe they are responsible for, know they may be at least partially responsible for, or are not sure at all and need an unbiased, knowledgeable individual to tell them whether they are at fault.

Some of the most common issues for which inspections are provided include:

Loose seams
Pattern match
Pulled loops
Side Matches
  Some of our regular clients:

Shaw Industries
Mohawk Industries
Stainmaster Invista
Godfrey Hirst Carpets
Bruce Hardwood
Masland Carpets
Custom Decorators
Milliken & Company
Home depot