Toronto Carpet Inspector provides carpet inspections for all types of carpet problems and failure. We offer a full range of correction and cleaning services. Toronto Carpet Inspector has the expertise, equipment and materials for a full range of tests. This allows us to objectively investigate and often correct issues with carpeting.

For information related to hardwood floor finishing, inspection and repair, visit the Dustless Refinishing website. 

For any carpet cleaning services visit our Green Carpet Cleaning Company Fresh & Clean   

Carpet / Correction

  • Surging, Binding, Refringing Area Rugs
    Roll Crush Steaming
    Seam Repair and Sealing
    Bonded Inserts
    Stain Removal
    Installation Corrections
    pH Monitoring and Testing
    Side Match Colour Corrections
    Colour Correction


Field Tests

  • CRI Reference Scale - Texture Assessment
    Delamination Testing
    Gray Scale
    Moisture Testing
    Pile Direction Test
    Tuft Bind Test
    Bleach Test
    Cleanability Test
    Color Gain
    Fiber Identification
    pH Testing
    Shade Reversal
    Stain Resist Presence
    Bow or Skew
    Carpet Cushion Testing for Density
    Pattern Elongation
    Ultra Violet Light (Black Light)
    Calcium Chloride Moisture Testing
    Relative Humidity Testing